Self Worth

I think, in many ways, this is a fairly common topic in our day. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what they or someone else is worth. Our culture defines the preborn as worthless through abortion. Our actions and speech towards and about others is often our definition of how much we feel that they are worth. But everyone has a different opinion. Some feel that preborn babies are worthless, others feel that they are worth everything. Some feel that lives of different ethnicity are of no value, others feel that they deserve much value. Some feel that those with any sort of disability are inferior, others feel that they are completely equal. So, in a culture and people that can’t decide who is worth what, how do we know who is right?

We look to God’s word.

The answer: every human being is made in the image of God. It does not matter if that human is not yet born, is of different skin color or ethnicity, or has different abilities. The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Lord took the time to knit us together in our mother’s womb, He must have a reason and purpose for our life! He gives us life, breath, and purpose. Every human life is worth defending. He gave His life for us on the cross. He died a criminal’s death, in my place. “For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” It doesn’t say, “For God so loved those who had already been born,” or “For God so loved those that had white skin,” He said He so loved the world.

We all have something that makes us feel valued, or not valued. Maybe for you it is that you weigh too much, you’re too tall, too skinny, not smart enough, do not have a degree, can’t cook well, or anything that makes you feel like your not worth as much. We all base our value on something.

For me, it was how much I could do. I needed to be able to do things, to help out, to serve. Why? Because it made me feel that I was “earning my keep.” As you can imagine, having EDS sorta crushed my feeling of being worth something, my sense of fulfillment. I could hardly walk for a-while and I had little to no use of my right arm (I’m right handed). It hurt. Really bad. I could do some things, but I felt extremely limited. I couldn’t wash my hair, walk through a store, sweep the floors, the list goes on.

But through that, the Lord taught me something I’m not sure I could’ve otherwise learned. You do not define your worth. I do not define my worth. So if what we do, what we look like, and what we have does not define our worth, what does?

Christ does. He gave His life for me. He gave His life for you. He made us. He defines what we are worth. He loved us enough to suffer great agony, to give up His life for us. That, my dear, is what you are worth.

You’re beautiful
You are treasured, you are sacred
You are His
You’re beautiful

Mercy Me, Beautiful

Created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made. That is what we are.

Bought by His precious blood, redeemed, adopted, chosen, and loved. That is who we are. Because of Him.


This is my journey as I try to live life for the glory of the Lord with EDS!

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