“We are almost home.”

Yall bare with me, this may be a little bit squirrely!

Am I the only one who gets discouraged by suffering? Sometimes I feel like all around me there is suffering and sorrow, and it never ends. Especially the suffering that I have to face because of EDS. But we all have an a challenge that we must face, mine is EDS, but yours might be fear, raising children, depression, work, and so on.

One of the hardest things about EDS is that it never goes away. It is a chronic illness. I can face a lot of things for a couple of days, months, or even years but life-long seems like forever. When I start to think about this, the devil takes over. “What’s gonna happen in a couple of years? You are sixteen, most people are in the prime of their life right now, but here you are, only able to walk with compression pants and reacting to every air-freshener there is.” Not today, Satan. He makes me feel like I am the only one that has ever stuggled. But I am not. What about all the people with cancer, the parapaligics and quadraplegics, others with EDS, they are struggling too. I am not alone, nor is this going to last forever. That does not mean that what I am going through and what you are going through is not hard, it just means that we are not alone and that we have much to be grateful for.

MercyMe has a song called “Almost Home.” It talks about how we are almost home. It was a much needed reminder this week that this does not last forever. The suffering does not last forever. This is NOT how it ends. No, this is only the beginning. One day, He will make all things new. One day, we will run and fall at His feet and worship the Almighty forever. We will feel no pain and no sorrow. But right now, He asks me to live here in this body that He has given me. He asks me to live for His glory.

Suddenly, all this suffering that felt so huge and like it would be here forever is small. It is overtaken by His goodness and the promise that He will one day make all things new. Now I choose to trust His plan and leave my life in His sovereign hands, the hands that were wounded for me. I choose joy because I have every reason to. I choose hope, because hope in Him does not disappoint. What do you choose?

Of one thing I am perfectly sure, God’s story never ends with “ashes.”

Elizabeth Elliot


This is my journey as I try to live life for the glory of the Lord with EDS!

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